Friday, February 26, 2016


A ver, el chico es dulce, romántico, alto y canta bonito. Pero les cuento chicas que me parece que Nayi ya tiene pareja pero al igual podemos escuchar sus canciones que enamoran tanto. Tuve el honor de escuchar Explicame en vivo y me quede boquiabierta. Unas palabras con Nayi sobre eso...

Ok so he's sweet, romantic, tall and he could sing. However ladies I do believe this man is already taken, but that's ok because Nayi can still make us swoon with his smooth songs. I had the pleasure of hearing his song Explicame live and I was totally floored. Here's what he had to say about it…

Nayi: I'm from Barquisimento, the city of music (of Venezuela). Nayi is fresh, love, humility, charisma… I have a new song called Explicame. My video which was filmed here in NY is already out. I'm happy to celebrate with Latin Mix and everyone that's here like El Chevo, I just saw El Chevo not too long ago.
Bionica:  Can you sing a little of Explicame?
Nayi: Of course. Can you explain–is it your eyes or your smile? Can you explain if it's your hair that hypnotizes… Just hear me out, don't be afraid if I steal a kiss. It's just that I'm so into you, crazy, crazy over you–Venezuela! You got it baby!
Bionica: What inspired this song? What inspires you to write?
Nayi: I wrote this song 2 years ago in Miami. Well, this happens to everyone. When you get somewhere and then you find that person. The guy or the girl that you like and makes you nervous and you don't know how to approach them. Then all of a sudden your sitting down and that person is next to you, the lights go on and you say to yourself 'Oh my God. What do I do now? Explain this to me…' And the song stemmed from there.
Bionica: Tell me a little bit about your style. You're very trendy, I love it!
Nayi: My style, my style is very chill. I'm here with my friends, in family.
Bionica: Who are you wearing today?
Nayi: I''ve got Nike, H&M, Zara, Diesel…We're getting there little by little.
Bionica: Me encanta. Ay Vamos like J Balvin.
Nayi: Nayi. You got it baby! 


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