Thursday, February 28, 2013

Entrevista con Hector Delgado

Hector Delgado, previously referred to as Hector el Father was part of the reggaeton duo Hector & Tito in the 90s. Some years later, Hector continued his career as a solo artist, collaborating with many big names in the urban genre like Yomo, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. Hector's music hits are countless ranging from classics like Baila Morena & Gata Salvaje (Hector & Tito) to Noche de Intierro. 
Today, Hector Delgado is a man of the Lord and is living his mission as a pastor. 
His album El Juicio Final (the last judgement) is based on his reflections with God in everyday life. 
The album is available on Amazon

Bionica: Tell us Hector, what brings you to the Dominican Republic?
Hector: Well we are here on a four day trip in which we will be spreading the word of the Lord. Our journey begins in Barahona and from there we will head to La Romana for three days. We will be going back to Puerto Rico on Monday, God willing. 

Bionica: So on this trip, you will be going to many different churches?
Hector: We are going to have evangelistic events so that souls may be saved and see that Christ is the way, the truth & life. 

Bionica: Tell me Hector, what is it that you like most about this new chapter in your life as a pastor. What fills you most about it?
Hector: Well I think that the engine that moves my life and ministry are the souls...the lost souls. There was a moment in which Jesus was speaking and he mentioned how there were 99 sheep in a fold and the shepherd left those 99 sheep to seek one which was lost. It's to say, that what moved Jesus was compassion towards the lost souls, compassion for those in need, compassion for the sick...
I think that's what moves us as a ministry, it's what makes us work. Our compassion for those that are lost. 

Bionica: Tell me, what was the catalyst that encouraged such a change in you. 
Hector: Well I experienced that same change that Saul did on his way to Damascus in Acts 9 when he bumped into Christ. I think it's one thing to know the history of Christ and another to know Christ. I think that's what happened, I bumped into Jesus of Nazareth and I understood that which Peter did in Philippians 3:8 when he said "what I previously had as riches, I know see as mere garbage." That's what happened, I bumped into the man of the cross. 

Bionica: Can you tell us a little about that experience.
Hector: Well, it's an inexplicable. I don't think that my words would do any justice if I tried to explain what happened. I had fame and fortune and was also suicidal, depressed and on the verge of a divorce. When the hand of Christ touched me, everything was immediately fixed. He straightened all that was crooked and above all, he wrote my name in the book of life which is what's most important!

Bionica: Thank you so much Hector!
Hector: Thank you, I love you all very much. May God bless you and remember Jesus is coming!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Back!!!

¿Qué tal guapas? 
Aquí estoy nuevamente después de par de semanas
Semanas que fueron tomadas de reposo & para regresar con algunas cositas
Como unas fotos situadas en la República Dominicana. 
Espero que os gusten

Hello there!
It's been a few weeks, but I'm back and have brought you all some breezy eye candy 
straight from the Dominican Republic
Hope you enjoyed them!! 

Monday, February 4, 2013