Friday, November 30, 2012


Ha bajado un poco la temperatura 
y con ella ha llegado el frío 
pero igual puedes lucir todo fashion 
con tus gafas favoritas y el fular clásico 
estas fabulosa!!!

Yes it's cold out 
but you can still be fabulous
rock your favorite shades with a classic scarf
and have fun!!!

gafas: Francesca's, fular: H&M, abrigo: Aviva
shades: Francesca's, scarf: H&M, coat: Aviva

Monday, November 26, 2012


Al llegar por los lados de NY asegura te de visitar a Georgetown Cupcake en Soho
La repostería exclusiva de tartas de las hermanas Katherine y Sophie Kallinis quienes siguieron sus sueños de hacer tal ricuras una realidad! 

Los biscochitos son de esos que se tienen que comer con los ojos cerrados con un mmm
Si, son así de buenos

La combinación perfecta de sabores con un glaseado batido al punto para una experiencia única 
Ojo, no se coman el papel ;)

Podéis ver las aventuras reposteras de las hermanas Kallinis en el programa DC Cupcakes de TLC 
Mirad su listado de programación local para mas información 

Whenever you're in NY, make sure to visit Georgetown Cupcake in Soho
The bakery is co-owned by sister's Katherine and Sophie Kallinis who followed their dreams to make deliciousness come true!

These cupcakes are to be eaten with closed eyes as you go mmm
Yes, they are that good 

A perfect combination of flavors with the fluffiest of frosting for an incredible experience
Just don't eat the paper ;)

You can catch the baking adventures of the Kallinis sisters on TLC for their show DC Cupcakes
check your local listings

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Restore The Shore

This past October 29, hurricane Sandy took the East Coast by surprise
It's unfortunate to say that many people have been displaced and lost their homes, some went on with out power for more than a week, enduring the tests of life
The Jersey Shore was one of those places deeply affected 
Once a place of giggles, cheers and salt water taffy, 
our Shore has become somber with way too many tears
Help us Restore The Shore and Stay Jersey Strong!!! 
You can text SHORE to to 85944 to make a $10.00 donation 
Remember, no donation is too small
You can also visit for more ways to help

El pasado 29 de Octubre, el huracán Sandy sorprendió a la costa este de los EE UU
Desafortunadamente, hay muchos que han perdido su hogar, sus negocios y han estado sin electricidad durante temporadas bajas en esta prueba de la vida 
La costa de New Jersey cariñosamente conocido como Jersey Shore es uno de estos lugares afectados 
El Jersey Shore conocido por sus risas, diversión y caramelo de agua salada 
tiene llantos y tristeza 
Pero aun podemos cooperar para regresarle esa magia 
Envía la palabra SHORE al 85944 para donar $10.00 
Cada donación es amorosamente agradecida 
Podéis visitar para mas información en como cooperar 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Entrevista con Gotay el Autentiko

Meet Gotay, a young artist whose perseverance and desire to succeed have been the key ingredients to the blessed career that he has today. 
Gotay grew up in Bayamón, Puerto Rico where he studied to become the sound engineer who combined his degree and talent to walk the road of a recording artist. 
His hits include Yo Estoy Pa' Ti, Hasta Otro Mundo and Tiempo Perdido (a duo with Kelmitt) and Lo de Nosotros (featuring Arcangel) to name a few. 

Bionica: Where did the name Gotay come from? 
Gotay: Well, Alexis Gotay Perez is my given name. Gotay is my last name and since it's a little different, I decided to use it as my artistic name. 
Bionica: It worked out pretty well. 
Gotay: Thanks. 

Bionica: What's the best advice that you have received in your career as a musician?
Gotay: The best advice that I have received in my career is to be patient. You see, as you're starting, you want to reach the top quickly but you have to take one step at a time to get to where you want to be. 

Bionica: What did you do before becoming a recording artist?
Gotay: I've worked in almost everything! As a kid, I worked as a paper boy and then a waiter...I'm always on the move and hustle and bustle when I need to. 
I used to help my dad sell tires on the street and then Lord blessed me with the opportunity to have a career in music for which I am so thankful! 
I've got an angel up there that looks out and protects us. 
You already know, we're putting our best foot forward!

Bionica: Praise the Lord!

Bionica: Tell me, what are some of the challenges that you have faced as an artist. 
Gotay: The challenges... I really think that the main challenge is being organized. It's something crucial in order to have success because if everything is chaotic, when you arrive somewhere, things are just too hectic that you don't even know where to begin and get yourself together. I think that was definitely my biggest challenge. 

Bionica: If you weren't a singer, what would you be?
Gotay: If I weren't a singer, I would be a producer. I'm a sound engineer–as my career began, I went knocking on some doors... When you're new, not everyone will lend you a hand and my impatience is what helped me. I was motivated to study and became an engineer and was able to do my own recordings.

Bionica: Besides the urban genre, what other type of music do you like? 
Gotay: I listen to a little bit of everything, especially salsa. My dad was into salsa his whole life and would take me to school to the beat of salsa. It's what I had to work with. 
Bionica: That's pretty cool.  

Bionica: Who is your favorite designer?
Gotay: Wow. Now, I have quite a few. Before, not so many. I have a few things in mind by Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton... When you can, you want to indulge in a little luxury, only when you can of course. If it were up to me, forget it, I would wear a white shirt and black pants everyday .

Bionica: Classic, black & white. Can you tell me who you're wearing today?
Gotay: NY Mets!

Thanks Gotay!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

En el Parque Botero

Esculturas de Fernando Botero en Medellín, Colombia 
The works of Fernando Botero in Medellín, Colombia

Monday, November 5, 2012


Digitalísimo bailable

¿Han escuchado a Camanchaca? Ellos son Juan de Borbón y Alejandro Duro, el duo Argentino cuya fusión de cumbia con el tecno crea un "digitalísmo bailable". Son un sonido diferente que les va gustar!
Pueden escuchar mas de su música en Sound Cloud y no olviden de visitarlos en Facebook y su página Twitter.

Check out Camanchaca as they fuse techno beats with Cumbia to make a sound all their own.
Juan de Borbón and Alejandro Duro make up this Argentine duo that is sure to keep you groovin'.
Make sure to visit their Sound Cloud to hear more of their eclectic sound. You can also follow them on Twitter and visit them on Facebook.

Digitalísimo bailable