Thursday, June 21, 2018

Reina Akua

 Su estilo propio
Es una fusión de culturas
Y el resultado es único
 Her style
It's a fusion of cultures
And the result is fabulous & unique

Modelo: J Light Sky

chaqueta: China Town, collar: West African, camisa: vintage, pantalones: vintage
jacket: China Town, necklace: West African, shirt: vintage, pants: vintage

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

From Mom's Closet

 Es que las madres tienen un sentido único para la moda
Es difícil no querer vivir en su armario
Pero como no vamos a tener 3 años para siempre
Hay veces que nos toca
Elegir prenda y vestirnos
 Mom's have this innate style sense
It's hard not to live in their closet
But we're not 3 years old forever
So sometimes you just have to
Pick them and wear them 

chaqueta: armario de mamá, camisola: armario de mamá,  pantalones: vintage
blazer: mom's closet, camisole: mom's closet, broach: mom's closet, pants: vintage

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Maicol Superstar

 Pues hice la entrevista. Le pregunté a Maicol Superstar un par de cosas, las contesto y fue bien. Pero después seguimos hablando y aprendí que él es loco cono su hija, le gusta escuchar los Orishas–música diferente para la mente creativa. También tiene un amor especial para las culturas diferentes y considera Mexico como su segunda casa. Cuando te tratan bien es lo que pasa. Maicol es tremenda persona y podemos aprender mucho de el. Tiene un tatuaje con el símbolo de ➤'play' para darle 'play' a la vida. Excelente!

I did the interview. I asked Maicol Superstar some questions, he answered and it was good. But then we just kept on talking and I learned that he loves his daughter, he listens to the Orishas–different music is good for creativity. He also has an appreciation for different cultures and considers Mexico to be his second home. Good hospitality. A great person all around that has a lot offer. He has a ➤ 'play' button tattoo to hit 'play' on life. How cool is that?!

Bionica: Maicol Superstar!
Maicol Superstar: Yes.
Bionica: Out of all the countries that you have visited, which one is your favorite and why?
Maicol Superstar: I really don't have a preference. I really like Italy, I really like Spain, Ecuador. I like Mexico, it's my second home. I'm fascinated by Colombia, Santo Domingo is something else…You know, everyone has it's own flavor and it's something really great that they are able to support what's ours.
Bionica: What do you miss most when you go away?
Maicol Superstar: In reality my bed, it's the best
Bionica: What's the weirdest thing that you have seen at a club?
Maicol Superstar: Wow, I've seen a lot of weird things. It really depends on what you consider weird
Bionica: Once, when I first started going to clubs, a DJ asked 'whose are these?' and he was referring to some silicone.
Maicol Superstar: Ok…wow–wow. Well I can tell you, something weird that happened to me at a club was when I fell off stage after dancing kind of crazy. You know I was the joke of the evening.
Bionica: Is there something that you have to do overtime before going on stage, some sort of ritual?
Maicol Superstar: You know, I always talk with the man upstairs and I ask Him to stay with me–it's worked well so far.
Bionica: What do you like most about going up on stage?
Maicol Superstar: That I can say what I want with out having to expect anything. I say what I want, when I want, because I want to say it. If you like it good and if you didn't, well I said it because I wanted to.
Bionica: And can you do the Maicol Superstar (y puedes hacer el Maicol Superstar?)
Maicol Superstar: How does it go?
Bionica: The way you do it Maicol Superstar.
Maicol Superstar: Maicol Superstar in the house!

Maicol Superstar: You know, I remember when I started in the 90s. I had a beeper and in Carolina there some singers (including me) and in Bayamón there were others. Bayamón is a town in Puerto Rico. And Ivy Queen would tell me 'I love you so much. We're here for whatever you need.' I would reply to her saying 'My love, we're here for you too.'
We always had a special love and affection for each other you know. From that moment to today, 2018, you were able to see how our queen still has that same love for us. That makes me proud because it means that what we planted is still there, it's alive. I'm very proud of the queen and how it all went down tonight. Kisses, Ivy baby this is for you Muah!!!

Bionica: You have a son and a daughter?
Maicol Superstar: I only have a daughter.
Bionica: I would love to be able to go into my dad's closet and pick things out, but his style is very different from mine.
Maicol Superstar: I have a daughter and she's the apple of my eye, she's the light of my life and right now I'm here because of her.
Bionica: That's beautiful (que hermoso)
Does she like your music too? A little?
Maicol Superstar: Well, she really isn't into it because since she can remember, she's always seen this as my job. And so it's simply her dad's work. Now she does like this one and the other, so as not to mention any names…But she doesn't get involved with my work you know.
She gives me my space and really respects what I do because through it she is who she is. Because of my job, she's able to study at a university, she has her own car. She's a very smart young lady. I'm really proud of her.
Bionica: Has she gone to work with you? For example to the recording studio?
Maicol Superstar: No, I've invited her but she tells me 'no dad, I don't want to.' She won't go. She doesn't really like to get involved in those things but she does know new artists and she's hang out with some of them although I may not like too much, but that's how it is with young people, you know.
Bionica: You don't really like it because as a dad you're being very careful with her?
Maicol Superstar: Of course, always. And when I don't like something, she knows that aside from being her dad, I'm her friend and no other person is going to tell her things the way that I will.
Bionica: What is she studying?
Maicol Superstar: Well right now, she's studying photography. She has a great camera that she made me buy. She has a lot of distant shots and she'll go in a red room (dark room), take the camera, take the picture, put it in water, take her time…She likes it, she really likes it.
Bionica: What has been your biggest challenge as a dad?
Maicol Superstar: Well it's not easy making a baby. A lot of kids now a days think that it's a joke and it's not. It's a life. It's much more than life itself. You're bringing life into this world and the same way that you need life, this life that you bringing in to this world, this life will always need as well. So really think that one thing is one thing and another is life you know. They have to…I don't know if you follow...
Bionica: Yes of course.

cazadora: prestado, de Alberto Stylee, camisa: 2 Worlds Urban Surf Shop, pantalones: propios
jacket: borrowed from Alberto Stylee, shirt: 2 Worlds Urban Surf Shop , pants: own

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Noise

Se llama Ranking Stone y es conocido como El Rey de los Melones pero en verdad creo que debe ser conocido por su voz que en las palabras de Romeo So Nasty! Pues lo puedo escuchar el día entero.

His name is Ranking Stone and he's known as the King of the Melons but really he should be known for that seductive voice, he's like the Puerto Rican Barry White. I can hear talk all day.

Fan: Ranking!
Ranking Stone: What's going on? How are you?
Fan: You sand Los Melones! I'm happy that you sang it. Very good, very good.

Bionica: Well, for starters, Ranking Stone the King of the Melons, but with that voice–did you ever think about working as an announcer? You just speak so beautifully.
Ranking Stone: Well, I did study broadcasting before getting into music although music has always been a part of my life because I come from a family of musicians that have always played in bands. My grandparents were troubadours. During Christmas in Puerto Rico we were always the ones who did the Parranda (wassailing) and what not bus aside from that I did study broadcasting. But after I finished my studies, I dedicated myself more to music although I had done all of the news practices, commercial announcing…but I just left it at that. Many people have told me that, but, well I stayed in the path of music.
Bionica: You can tell me that I'm ugly, that my hair is a mess and it will still sound good because Ranking Stone said it.
Ranking Stone: No, no, no, you're beautiful. Everyone is having a good time here.
Bionica: But with that voice…
Ranking Stone: You're hair is beautiful. (Sexy voice on!!)
Bionica: I love it!! (Me encanta)
Ranking Stone: And some spectacular eyes!
Bionica: Thank you.
Ranking Stone: See, see chuckles.
Bionica: Aside from reggaeton, what is your favorite type of music?
Ranking Stone: Well, check this out, I really like merengue. Merengue by Grupo Mania, Elvis Crespo. I'm also a salsa lover. I like all genres of music but especially the Latino ones. In regards to rap, hip-hop and the like, I like some but have always had a preference to the latin rhythms. The rhythms that have also instructed me into putting together my songs.
My style is a little different than others and it's because of what I like.
What I really like is Latin music.
Bionica: What do you enjoy most about working with your friends?
Ranking Stone: Well um chuckles it's a group of humble people above everything. The old school crowd, well we're somewhat seasoned. We enjoy life, we enjoy what we do and we have a lot of passion. For example, DJ Nelson, right now we're here doing this recording and he's around somewhere jumping, dancing, having fun… DJ Negro too!
You know, we're a little older in age in comparison to the kids that are starting out now, but we enjoy life and the truth is that we enjoy what we do. It's the passion that moves us.
Bionica: What's the best advice that you have ever received that you still adhere to today.
Ranking Stone: Well, my grandparents had always told me to keep my feet on the ground. Humility is the best thing one can have and I think that it's something that has always been a trait of mine. I've always been humble and it's what I've always taken with me and I've tried to stay on that route doing all things with a humble heart and a lot of respect. It's a bit of advice that has lasted me forever.
Bionica: Thank you so much.
Ranking Stone: Thank you.

He's a dad, he's a husband, he's a cook and also a hard working man that made sure to make his mark and stand out–he's DJ Negro!!! Pioneer of that old school movement that has helped shape reggaeton into what it is today.

El es padre, un esposo, chef esquisto, un hombre luchador que trabajó duro para sobresalir–el es DJ Negro!!! Pionero de la vieja guardia, ese movimiento clave que ha influido lo que es reggaeton hoy en dia.

Bionica: DJ Negro, what is it that you like most about your job?
DJ Negro: What I enjoy most about my job?Seeing people enjoy what I do. Me at the turntables, preparing the music, getting people pumped and then you see how they dance, they sing… It's kind of like when you make rice & beans or whatever it is that you're eating and you prepared this meal that's really good. You set the table and then nobody eats and you say to yourself 'Wow, after I spent all this time making it…' You know, its satisfying to see people having a good time as a result of what your doing.
Bionica: If you weren't a DJ, what would you be?
DJ Negro: A cook.
Bionica: Si? Yeah?
DJ Negro: Because I love being in the kitchen.
Todo Latin Network: Food is great.
Bionica: What's your specialty?
DJ Negro: Lasagna.
Bionica: Really?
DJ Negro: I love lasagna.
Bionica: OMG
DJ Negro: Listen, for your information, I graduated as a chef. I've got my certification and everything, and I'm also quite good. And if it's bad, then I really won't make it at home, my wife will make it laughs.
Bionica: Do you have kids?
DJ Negro: Yes, I have 3 kids.
Bionica: What is it that your kids like the most, about their dad being DJ Negro?
DJ Negro: Well, I already have 2 adolescents. My son is 25 and my daughter is 23. They don't always say it, but every once in a while I'll hear 'Papi, I met this person and when they found you're my dad they went crazy' laughs. When they were kids, they didn't really listen to reggaeton, they were more into rock and the like. They didn't really keep tabs on me in that sense, but now that they're older and have seen what their dad has done, they say 'Wow.'
Bionica: What's something that you always try to teach your kids.
DJ Negro: Well, I tell them they shouldn't smoke, they shouldn't be dealers and that they should try to do things legally. It's worked up to now.
Todo Latin Network: What does a legend like you say to the new generation that wants to DJ? What advice do you have for them?
DJ Negro: Well, when I started in '83, I'm going to tell you this story that happened to me. I couldn't DJ for the life of me. I had never even touched the turntables but I felt that I knew how to do what the DJ was doing and I remember this DJ from the town I was born in, La Perla San Juan. I told him 'Listen, let me play something, I know how to do it' and this is what he said to me '#@$% off and don't bother me' and I told him 'I'm going to learn and I'm going to beat you at your own game.' I ran into him some 10 years after that while I was  DJing and he tells me 'S@!* DJ Negro let me play something' and I asked him 'Do you remember what you told? #@$% off? Now it's your turn to #@$% off' laughs
But really, my advice is to keep going. Perseverance is your tool to show others that yes you can do it.
Bionica: Thank you so much.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

DJ Nelson

He sido su fan desde Flow la Discoteka cuando escuché a Cochinola por primera vez en un MP3 que mi mejor amiga trajo desde la Republica Dominicana. Ahí pude confirmar que, él–DJ Nelson es un duro! Es la prueba de que si amas lo que haces, no tendrás que trabajar ni un solo día en tu vida.

I've been a fan since Flow La Discoteka when I first heard Cochinola on an MP3 my best friend brought back from the Dominican Republic. That's when I confirmed that yep–DJ Nelson– this man is the man! He goes on to be the proof that if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.

DJ Nelson: Let's do it.
Bionica: What do you like most about NY?
DJ Nelson: I lived in New York for many years, the city inspires me to make music, the people, the women–it's the city. It's my city, I love it.
Bionica: What do you like most about your job?
DJ Nelson: I feel good when I produce some music and people can sing it, dance to it, forget their troubles… That's what I like most.
Bionica: My mom love the song with Anuel, she loves the one you did with Anuel the one that says To @#$% You Don't Have To Love Me, she's my mom (es mi madre) but she loves it.
DJ Nelson: You know, I've had the opportunity to work with Anuel many times and the song Ayer (Yesterday) on Flow La Discoteka 3, Ayer remix with Farruko, Ayer  remix with Balvin, Nicky, Yankee, well it really incredible. I also worked on the remix for Sola. Wow! It was great.
Bionica: What's the most time you have spent producing a song?
DJ Nelson: I have produced songs like Arcángel's Chica Virtual in a half hour.
Bionica: Woah!
DJ Nelson: And it took me about a half hour to produce the base rhythm for Anuel's Ayer.
Bionica: Nelson you are the man! You're crazy.
DJ Nelson: It's what I love, it's really what I feel, it's what actually runs through my veins.
Bionica: Thank you so much.
DJ Nelson: Thank you love.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Alberto Stylee

Le encantan los animales, mas que eso los perros, algo que para mi sencillamente merece un 10. Y no le tiene miedo aventurar, mudando se a otro país y empezar de nuevo. Una persona que no teme viajar, se esta abriendo las puertas a lo mejor que la vida puede ofrecer, y esa persona es Alberto Stylee

The man is an animal lover, more than that, a dog person which gets double points in my book. He is also one who is not afraid to try something new like moving to a new country and starting a new. A person that is not afraid to travel, just opens to some of the best things that life has to offer, and that person is Alberto Stylee.

Bionica: I know you have a little dog named Danita.
Alberto Stylee: Yes.
Bionica: Como esta ella? How is she?
Alberto Stylee: She's going to be 3 years old. She's my daughter because I don't have any kids yet. I'm working on it, but she's my little girl and my heart. I love that little dog. I'm working on getting her travel permit so I can bring her with me everywhere I go. So next time you will see her with me all over. She's the baby.
Bionica: Yes! I have 3 little dogs and I love them so much.
Alberto Stylee: Look, I'm the type of person that for example will use animals in general to feel a person out. I will ask a person if they like animals and if they tell me no…Because it's not the same to say that you don't like animals as to say that they aren't really your thing. There are people that like animals, they're cute and all but that's about it. There are people who simply don't like them. And I've always said that a person that doesn't like animals, has no heart. It's a good way to learn about the people that are around you.
Bionica: I agree because they have a sense that we don't and go by vibes. For example if they bark at a certain person a lot…
Alberto Stylee: Exactly. And an animal is just going to give you love. They're beautiful, what's not to like about them? It's one thing for a person to like animals but not want one, but if you just don't like them well…You know what I mean?
And it is a good way for you to be able to pick out your friends by simply asking them because let's say that one day you're with your dog and they come over… For example, one of my best friends, Latin, he's Christian now but he was a reggaeton artist, he takes care of my dog when I go away. My dog loves going over to his house and they love her.
Bionica: What's the wildest thing she has done?
Alberto Stylee: When she was a puppy, if someone left a piece of paper on the floor, she would rip it to shreds. One day she took a whole newspaper while I had gone out and when I got back home there were bits of newspaper all over the house. And another thing, when she does something wrong or pees or poops where she isn't supposed to–she's trained but there are times…we know that she did something because she will hide. 'Where's the dog?' She did something, but if you look around the house you'll find her hehehe.
Bionica: She's too cute. Once, I was either at work or school, we had 2 dogs and they took the paper towel and made a mess!
Alberto Stylee: Yes! They have a party, they mostly break everything when they're in that puppy stage, they experiment a lot. But she is the light of my life that little dog. I love her so much and I love animals and have always been a part of my life.
Bionica: Your song Her Name is Sara (Ella Se Llama Sara), was there a special love in your love named Sara?
Alberto Stylee: Never, and people have always asked me, and it's called I Imagine You (Te Imagino) not Her Name is Sara (Ella Se Llama Sara).

Bionica: Aah.
Alberto Stylee: Everyone always asks me that, but in reality it's a rhyme. No one compares to you, her name is Sara (ti ninguna se compara, ella se llama Sara). It's the name that came about at that moment and I think it was also the most popular name in Colombia, thanks to my people there whom I love and miss so much, they made it #1.
Bionica: What do you like most about your job?
Alberto Stylee: I love being able to sing. I love singing. I love being able to receive the euphoria and applause of the audience when they sing my songs. One of the good things about being a musician aside from the fact that you do have to work hard, people think it's all fun and games but you do have to sacrifice a lot. I love traveling and going to different places. It's one of the great things about being a singer/musician.
Bionica: I also went to Colombia and I loved it, especially the warmth of the people there. What about Colombia made you fall in love with it because I had spoken with Nicky and I think it was him that said that you told him to go to Colombia.
Alberto Stylee: Yes, he and I practically moved in together and our careers took off once again there. But what I liked most about Colombia was the pleasantness of the people and the weather in the city, especially in Medellin.
It was always exquisite, compared to where I'm from an island where it's always hot but I love my Puerto Rico. I call Medellin my second home, I really like it, the way people are sherry loving and how Colombians are just so welcoming, how they greet you…Especially in Medellin, the weather–the country itself is just beautiful. The vegetation and mountains are one of the key things that got me. Christmas in Puerto Rico is like no other and for a Puerto Rican person to spend the holidays away from home it's hard but Colombia is that place where I can tell you that it's almost the same, it's where I was able to feel like I was home. That's when I said 'I really can live here without a worry'
Because you know, it's not easy leaving your home to go live in another country and to a republic no less when you are an American/Puerto Rican citizen. Some people will find it odd, but I tried it and it has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.
The situation at hand is very sad but we're working on it. I'm innocent and I say it everywhere I go, we're working hard and I hope to one day be able to go back and enjoy some good times with my people. My wife is Colombian and I know that one day things are going to get cleared up and I'm going to be able to sing over there.
Bionica: God willing.
Alberto Stylee: Amen

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

En La Marina

El pasado 19 de Mayo tuve la dicha de ir al festival musical de Red Bull Music en La Marina de Dyckman en el alto Manhattan donde estuvieron Riobamba, Rosa Pistla, Ivy Queen, DJ Nelson, DJ Negro, DJ Lobo, Maicol Superstar, Alberto Stylee & Ranking Stone. Eso fue un regalo para los amantes de lo que es la Vieja Escuela. Aqui os dejo unas palabras con Riobamba & Rosa Pistola.

On the 19 of May I had the pleasure of going to the Red Bull Music Festival at La Marina in Dyckman over at Washington Heights in Manhattan where Riobamba, Rosa Pistola, Ivy Queen, DJ Nelson, DJ Negro, DJ Lobo, Maicol Supertar, Alberto Stylee and Ranking Stone did their magic on stage. Here's an interview with Riobamba & Rosa Pistola.
Se llama Riobamba y su movimiento es el Apocalipsis. DJ orgullosamente Latina que esta lista para todo lo que viene para las mujeres y con buena música! 
Her name is Riobamba and her game is Apocalipsis. This fab DJ is a proud Latina that is representing women everywhere with great music!

Bionica: Tu set en el Boiler Room, lo vi en YouTube. Estuvo muy buena porque había de todo.
Riobamba: Gracias.
Bionica: Que es algo que nunca puede faltar en tus mezclas?
Riobamba: Definitivamente me gusta mezclar Oye Mi Canto. Me gusta ese sentido de unión, de orgullo por la cultura y todo eso y al fin siempre lo toco en mi set.
Bionica: ¿Cuál fue el tipo de música que mezclaste por primera vez?
Riobamba: La primeras mezclas fueron en fiestas familiares. Mi abuela siempre tenía cds grabados de salsa vieja y merengue entonces yo los tomaba y los mezclaba. Al mezclar quiero decir que los hojeaba antes de tocarlos.
Bionica: Que col. Vi en tu instagram que dijiste que hoy es uno de esos momentos que has estado esperando.
Riobamba: Umhmm.
Bionica: Para ti, qué es lo mas esperado de esta noche?
Riobamba: Definitivamente Ivy Queen ha sido una de las primeras artistas y también definitivamente una de las primeras mujeres de quien supe cuando empece aprender sobre el reggaeton. Para mi es un gran honor estar en el mismo lugar que ella.
Bionica: Muchísimas gracias.
Mientras entrevistaba Riobamba, Rosa Pistola llegó y se acerco a saludarla y me saludó a mi también con un beso y abrazo. No todo el mundo hace eso y como se dice que la grandeza una persona de mide en humildad les cuento que ella es una gran persona. También súper talentosa con una tremenda habilidad para las palabras.  

shirt: Casa Lambe Cu!0, jacket: Calvin Klein, boots: Doc Martens
camisa: Casa Lambe Cu!0, cazadora vaquera: Calvin Klein, botas: Doc Martens 
As I was interviewing Riobamba, Rosa Pistola walked in and stopped to say hello to her and without knowing me she greeted me with a hug & kiss too! Not everyone will do that. There is a saying that a person's grandeur is measured by their humility  and because of that I can tell you that she is a great person. She is also very talented with an incredible knack for words. 

Bionica: You're from Colombia?
Rosa Pistola: From Bogota, but my family is from a small town in Antioquia named Las Ceja. And everything that I love in this world is there.
Bionica: But you live in Mexico?
Rosa Pistola: Yes, I live in Mexico.
Bionica: What made you go to Mexico?
Rosa Pistola: Well it was very random. Life put me in a certain situation and I made the decision to go in a week. I honestly didn't think about it, but I'm happy with the decision I made.
Bionica: How long have you been in Mexico?
Rosa Pistola: 13 years.
Bionica: Oh wow, a long time.
Rosa Pistola: Yes.
Bionica: I heard your song La Linea del Sex (The Sex Hotline)
Rosa Pistola: Aha
Bionica: It's very sexual but it's great, the lyrics and how everything just fits. How do you do it (cómo lo haces)?
Rosa Pistola: Well actually what I do is look for and find talent and then I make a mix with high level artists or producers like King Doudou in this case. Then I make songs you wouldn't expect but very high quality.
El Habano is an underground reggaeton singer that's very famous in Mexico but has never received the credit he deserves. It's because, well his music can be a little much. With these collaborations I'm hoping that the world will be able to hear and know what Mexican reggaeton is. And this song sounds like Mexican reggaeton.
Bionica: When I heard your song I thought about Maxx Gallo a guy I had met at an event. He says that his style is a little alburero (has a double meaning).
Rosa Pistola: Ah yes, well Mexico is a country where the culture is somehow rooted in the albur (double meaning…) There are actual contests within the towns and that can be a little difficult to deal with because it's obvious that the more popular you become, well then they start to make these jokes about you… So you know, online bullying is hard.
Bionica: Tell me about your tattoos, this one (on your face, it looks like the phases of the moon) does it have to do with the moon?
Rosa Pistola: To be honest, I really did it because I saw that some indigenous people in the Amazon had it. I thought it was nice and so I got one too.
Bionica: Tell me about your style.
Rosa Pistola: Well I try to find inspiration in everything and I think that you can tell. I take a little bit from here and there and turn it into Rosa Pistola.
Bionica: What do you enjoy most about working with music?
Rosa Pistola: That I'm able to get things off my chest and get rid of so much $!#?