Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Hannukah

Dale la vuelta al dreidel por que hoy empiezan las celebraciones de Hannukah 

Spin the dreidel and get your gelt game on this Hannukah 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Erase una tarde de verano 
y esto fue lo que encontré 
en la ventanilla de Bergdorf Goodman 

Once upon a store window
 it was summer 
and this is what Bergdorf Goodman had on display
in their store window 

cazadora: Libertine, vestido: Altazarra, zapatos: Miu Miu, accesorios: Kentshire 
jacket: Libertine, dress: Altazarra, shoes: Miu Miu, jewelry: Kentshire

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well Suited

En sus lentes Warby Parker & zapatos Johnston Murphy
Jeremy el bloguero de Brooklyn de TheStandard, luce un traje de Suit Supply 
Acompañado de un reloj Daniel Wellington como todo un caballero 

In his Warby Parker glasses and Johnston & Murphy shoes
Jeremy the Brooklyn blogger from TheStandard dons a Suit Supply suit 
Accessorized with a Daniel Wellington watch, his look is that of a 
Dapper gentleman

Profugo - Farruko Ft Kelmitt y D Ozi

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Unas Palabras con Chayanne


Antes de entregarle Afo su Premio de Logros en la Industria Musical, Jackie pudo hablar con el cantante Boricua que mostraba mas que felicidad al compartir un momento tan especial con su amigo. 

Before giving Afo his LIfetime Music Industry Achievement Award, Jackie was able to chat with the Puerto Rican singer who was very happy to share in such a special moment with his friend Afo. 

Jackie: How does it feel to be here tonight honoring Afo?
Chayanne: Well to honor Afo Verde, I feel that one always comes short. See, the relationship that we have established over the years is a very beautiful one, our friendship is always first and then comes work–everything else flows after that like the good intentions, to understand what it is that you feel... But really it's a pleasure to be here at tonight's event and to be invited by the company. Every little bit counts to help others and it's something you do happily. 

Mr. & Mrs. De Joria 
Tom Murro  
Tom Murro & Miss New York
Jillian Tapper  
Yoko Ono
Kevin Jonas 
Afo & Chayanne
Eloise De Joria look-Stella McCartney, bolso-VBH
John Paul De Joria chaqueta-Ralph Lauren, 
Tom Murro saco-Calvin Klein, reloj-Zodiac

Eloise De Joria outfit-Stella McCartney, clutch-VBH
John Paul De Joria jacket-Ralph Lauren, 
Tom Murro suit-Calvin Klein, watch-Zodiac


Friday, October 31, 2014

Afo Verde


There is no charity to big or two small. All are directed towards a special cause and share the same purpose, to help those in need. The TJ Martell foundation works year round to raise money for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research. This past Tuesday on the 21, of October, there was an honors gala held at the Cipriani in NY where one of the special honorees just happened to be Argentine, Afo Verde. Afo Verde, the Chairman & CEO of Sony Music Latin received the TJ Martell Foundation's LIfetime Music Industry Achievement Award in recognition for his excellent work. 

Mr Martell

Afo & Vicentico

dress-Oscar De La Renta

Kevin Jonas & Afo

No hay obra de caridad que sea muy grande ni muy chiquita. Todas se dirigen hace una causa especial con el propósito de ayudar a los demás. La fundación de TJ Martell, se esfuerza todo el año para recaudar fondos para leucemia, cáncer y el sida. El pasado martes, 21 de Octubre el Cipriani de Nueva York dio lugar a la 39a gala de honores de esta fundación.  Uno de los homenajeados fue el Argentino, Afo Verde presidente (chairman) y CEO de Sony Music Latin. Verde recibió el Premio de Logros en la Industria Musical en reconocimiento por su excelente trabajo. 

Bionica: How do you feel being the first hispanic to receive such a high honor as is the TJ Martell Foundation's LIfetime Music Industry Achievement Award?
AfoVerde: Extremely honored because with out a doubt there are spectacular latino executives–there must be some mistake (laughs) that I'm the first. But I am very happy and thankful for this recognition. 

Bionica: Your music history is incredibly varied and well rounded–you are a producer and composer. Not too long ago, you decided to include Spain & Portugal under the same musical umbrella for the Latin American region. Within all that you have acquired in the music industry, what influenced you most to do this?
AfoVerde: First of all I can't decide which countries, I have a boss that tells me 'now you have to look over Spain & Portugal. That's the first thing that happened. I can tell you this, it's spectacular to work with artists from different countries with different cultures that help you become more international and take their art to different places. 

Bionica: The TJ Martell foundation is one of the largest foundations to obtain resources in search for a cure for cancer, leukemia and aids. What is your favorite way to take part in these charitable organizations? 
AfoVerde: Well I have great friends that helped me so that we can raise a lot of money today. Like Vicentico, the leader of the Los Fabulosos Cadillacs who is a spectacular artist and is joining us tonight and Chayanne–artists who have gifted me instruments so that they may be auctioned today. Marvelous items to see if someone will make a contribution to the foundation and bring home historic pieces from the artists at the same time. 

Bionica: When you began working, did you ever think that you would get so far? Making Latinos proud and upholding the Latino name worldwide?
AfoVerde: Well at times I feel it as an important responsibility, hopefully we will be able to hold the Latino name higher and bring it further each time. 

Bionica: How do you feel to be playing at such a great event tonight alongside your friend Afo who is also Argentine?
Vicentico: It is a great honor! It gives me joy–but basically it's just an honor to be able to take part in something so great like tonight's event. To be with my friend…we have done so much together and there are many other friends here as well. It's going to be a wonderful night. 

Gracias Afo & Vicentico!!!