Monday, July 13, 2015

Maxx Gallo-Verano Alternativo

El pasado martes 7 de Julio, BMI dio a disfrutar el concierto de Verano Alternativo, en The Bowery Electric de Manhattan como primicia de su Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC). Este tremendo concierto en verdad fue una fusion de la musica al rededor del mundo. 

This past Tuesday, July 7, BMI music had its Verano Alternativo concert at The Bowery Electric in Manhattan welcoming it's Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC). This awesome concert, was a true fusion of music from around the world.

Empezando con el joven mexicano Maxx Gallo que sin duda alguna cuando escuchas su música no hay mas opción que empezar dando pasitos con el pie derecho, luego el izquierdo, después movidas de cadera y sin darte cuenta estas bailando. No lo puedes evitar. Su música incorpora lo que es el Regional Mexicano con algo moderno de techno y lo urbano, creando una mezcla entre generaciones, la de los padres y la de uno.

It began with Mexican singer Maxx Gallo. From the minute you hear his music, you can't help but begin tapping your right foot, then the left, your hips  start moving and before you know it–your full on dancing! It's inevitable. His music is a blend of Regional Mexican with techno and urban beats, bridging the generation of our parents with ours. 

Bionica: Maxx, what did your parents say when they heard your music for the first time?
Maxx Gallo: Well, my parents had been supporting my music before I chose tribal. I was producing hip-hop, electronica, edm…and enjoyed it as a producer, but was still searching for the genre form me. I still hadn't found the right one as an artist. My parents were very happy when I found tribal because I was singing in Spanish and everything before that was in english. They were so excited to see the positive response everyone gave when I began putting my songs out there. Tribal is definitely for me and it's what I'm going to focus on. 
Bionica: It's all tribal as an artist!
Maxx Gallo: Yes, I love it as an artist. Of course when I do featurings with other artists I'm going to stray from the genre a little. 
Bionica: What type of music did you play before as an artist or producer?
Maxx Gallo: Well all my life I've played musica norteña (Northern Mexican music) and band music on the drums. I've been a percussionist since I was a kid. When I turned 15, I got into hip-hip but as I said before, I was always searching. 
I also produced a lot of reggaeton for a bit and now I'm doing tribal. I was definitely inspired when I heard 3BallMTY, I think that's where, how do you say it? Me envicié (I got hooked).
Bionica: How old were you when you started playing the drums?
Maxx Gallo: I was about seven. Yea, I was a kid in a small town in Oregon where I lived with my dad. 
Bionica: What's the name of that town?
Maxx Gallo: The Dalles. 
Bionica: You also went to Los Angeles. 
Maxx Gallo: I was still living in Portland when I was 21 and then I got a sudden opportunity to produce tribal and I went to Los Angeles. It was basically the beginning of Maxx Gallo–it's where it all started. 
Bionica: How was it for you playing in Oregon?
Maxx Gallo: To be honest, it was hard. I was just starting and no one was really giving me a chance–I was always looking for new and interesting genres that weren't yet accepted. That has always been a little difficult for me but I'm focused on creating my own path. Now things are great and I'm no longer worried about the past. 
Bionica: Who opened the doors for you?
Maxx Gallo: There were plenty of people who supported me along the way and some how helped me get in touch with Toy Selectah who has been backing me up ever since. 
Bionica: What's the best lesson or advice that you have learned from Toy Selectah?
Maxx Gallo: Patience. Yes, the first thing he told was to be patient and he was right. I think patience is key, keep working and stay focused. 
Bionica: You're LP El Gallote comes out this summer. 
Maxx Gallo: Yes! I'm very excited. First we're coming out with an EP, we're not sure if we're going to turn it into an LP just yet but it has 5 songs. I've produced all of them and it's pretty much a welcoming into my world. Of course from there we'll do some collaborations with other artists and I actually already have some songs lined up too, but I think that will be for the LP El Gallote. We'll see what happens.
Bionica: Can you give me a little preview of an upcoming song. 
Maxx Gallo: Yes of course. This one is El Gallote and it goes…
El mas galotte, let her loose so she can go 
move so she can let loose 
come on over so I can see, little by little by little 
she's already looking for something sweet 
isn't she already happy?
come on over and bring me those lips 
to see if they taste like mint 
turn on, turn on that light 
so that I can see everything that I'm touching 
you know I can get a little crazy 
especially when your near me…
Bionica: That was really good. Would you say chido? Not so chido?
Maxx Gallo: A litte alburero. (witty-pun)
Bionica: Alburero.
Maxx Gallo: A little albuero, kind of funny, all with the good intention of having everyone dance. 
Bionica: I like it, I like it. Well, thank you so much Maxx. 
Maxx Gallo: No, thank you. 

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