Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Warmer Days

Por esas mañanas que inician algo frio
Que se convierten en tardes de sol
Brindando algo de calor
De nuestras sonrisas le damos la mas grande

For those days that start out chilly
But end up very sunny
And just about a little warm
There is nothing else to do
But look up at the sky
With our most wondrous smile 

gafas: mercadillo, camisa: Calvin Klein, cazadora: H&M, vaqueros: Zara, botines: H&M, reloj: Forever 21, pulsera: Swarovski, mochila: Marshalls
sunnies: Flea Market, shirt: Calvin Klein, jacket: H&M, jeans: Zara, boots: H&M watch: Forever 21, bracelet: Swarovski bookbag: Marshalls


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