Tuesday, April 22, 2014


An urban artist from NY, Messiah, is making his mark in music with his incredible improvisation skills and smooth voice for the ladies!!! Look out it's Messiah!!!!

Messiah: Well my style in music is rather different. I've been making music since I was eleven and come from a family of musicians. Both my dad & uncle were musicians. I've always been inspired by  romantic oldies like José José, Sandro & Raphael and have     tried to incorporate different lyrics into reggaeton. 
For example, I don't like making songs just to make them. I need to have a subject, not just something that says 'get close', 'tra', 'grind'...
Everyone says that my music is different which makes me unique. 
 In order for me to get inspired to write, I'll listen to a love song instead. A song that has lyrics that will inspire me to write something nice.

Bionica: Who is your favorite singer?
Messiah: My favorite singer is Sandro. He's Argentine, known as Sandro of America. 

Bionica: How would you say that Sandro inspired you in your current songs?
Messiah: Sandro was actually my dad's favorite artist and I make music for my dad, so listening to Sandro made him my favorite artist too. I'm not going to say that all of my songs are inspired by Sandro or have something to do with him, but he's definitely one of the artists that inspired me to write songs. 

Bionica: What's that process like when you are going to write a song?
Messiah:  The process–I think that the muse of inspiration can touch an artist at any moment. For example, I could be at the studio and I'll have a song. I'll dream, come up with a melody then all I have to do is add the lyrics... There have been times when something will hit me as I'm walking home and when I get there I'll already have a chorus. I'll have a base and when I sit down at home, I just start to write. But I can't say that there is an exact thing that inspires me. 
There are artists whom only write while in the studio, but for me it's different. Inspiration can come at any place, at any time. It's just something that comes to you. Take advantage when it does touch you. It's good to carry around your iphone because you can write it down right away. I used to write on a piece of paper, but there are times when you won't have paper and you might forget something. I just take out my iphone and start writing–the rest is history. 

Bionica: What steps did you take to forward your musical career?
Messiah: I used to be part of a duo called Tali & Messiah. Our song Las Vocales is what put us out there and it became a huge hit in South America. You can say that we didn't know how to seize the moment. We were very young and it was hard to pick up the buzz again. 
But now I'm working on a project as a solo artist and I'm thankful to God because many doors have opened. My manager and his wife Stefi Chacón have helped me out so much. Thanks to them I have been able to work with Ñengo Flow as well as Zion & Lennox. I'm also working on a song with De La Ghetto. I definitely feel very blessed with everything!!!

Thank you Messiah!!!


  1. Awesome interview!
    Must check out Sandro, too.


  2. thanks for sharing .
    havent heard of this artist before.

  3. geniaaaaaaal!!!



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