Friday, June 28, 2013


Oh how sweet it is 
to be able to express yourself
through words
through your own style 
through music

Yet imagine, 
your right to be you is no more 
it's gone 
as is the color in your life!
Everything is grey and monotonous

What would you do?
Would you follow the norm?
Would you fight for your rights?
Those rights that you deserve
Would you voice those opinions that you have?

At 22, Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia                                                                                                                                     image
fought just as Simón Bolivar did for his gran Colombia 
he fought just as Marti did for his Cuba

His sole goal was freedom!
Getting arrested for voicing a difference in opinion 
only made him stronger
He gave a voice to his words

His sole goal was freedom!
For a better tomorrow in which the fear of thinking differently
is completely non existent 
To be free from the trap of sameness in words & thoughts 

An example for all those who want to always enjoy
the sweet taste of Liberty...

To learn more about Ahmed Rodriguez Albacia and his courageous journey visit Directiorio.Org



  1. La libertad de expresion es una de las cosas mas maravillosas de las que puede gozar el ser humano! Me encanta la foto con la que acompa;aste tan linda letra!

    Besitos desde Buenos Aires


  2. Hola guapa!
    Genial este post!
    Un besazo

  3. Hay gente que merece la pena remarcar. Además, la foto es genial. Algún día me gustaría ir a Cuba ♥


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